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Setting up Apple's iOS 5 and iCloud on the iPhone


(CBS) - The Apple iOS 5 update requires a few extra steps than past updates, but it's really a piece of cake. We posted a quick walkthrough to help you set up the new mobile operating system with iCloud.

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I'll be honest, the toughest part of the update was waiting for the iOS 5 software to download. I acknowledge that many people have had problems updating, but I can't relate. My update went faster than when I updated to iOS 4.

There are a few factors that might have helped make my process smooth. I made sure iTunes was updated and my phone was backed up before I even began downloading the iOS 5 update.

Another tip is to download the software overnight. Your phone doesn't have to be connected for the entire download, but it needs to connect to initiate the process. Although, it said 12-hours to complete the download, in reality it was about six over my home Wi-Fi.

Once the software was downloaded, it took about two hours for my iPhone to update the software.

This is where some of the additional steps came in, so I posted screen shots of how setting up iOS 5 and iCloud should look if you're doing it right.

Good luck updating!

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