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Service helps you use Twitter to find a job

(MoneyWatch) Twitter can help you land a job by letting you connect with people and stay abreast of what's happening in your industry. But what if the microblogging service just isn't your thing?

Perhaps Goziak can help. The online service offers a way to organize and search the 50,000 or so job vacancies that are posted daily on Twitter. You can then search the already sorted and identified tweets, which will help you find what you're looking for in the area you're looking at. You don't need to follow company X to find out that they are hiring a new director of marketing.

Yes, you can try to do this manually, but the Goziak is faster and easier. It also allows you to enter the location you are looking at and and look for jobs within a certain radius. That can be helpful in finding work in or around a city's suburbs. Because, after all, do you know the name of every town within the area you're willing to travel to? 

You can also enter your resume and profile information directly into Goziak and apply for a job by replying to the tweet with a link to your profile. 

On the surface that last part sounds awesome. Fill out a profile one time. Click "apply with Twitter" and -- bam! -- the person who manages the Twitter account now has all your information. But before you go crazy with that, stop and think -- is the person who manages the Twitter account most likely to be the hiring manager, or even the recruiter that is actively sourcing that job? No. It's likely to be someone not directly related to the actual job you want.

So I advise you to skip that part of Goziak's offering and instead apply for the job as you would if you'd discovered it on your own. That is:

-- Check if you have contacts working at that company. 

-- Check if any of your contacts knows someone who works at this company. (LinkedIn is a great tool for these two steps.)

-- Find out what you can about the company and the job by scouring its website, searching for any related articles and talking to your contacts.

-- Tailor your cover letter and resume for the job you are applying for.

-- If you have a contact at the company, seek out the person's advice on how to apply and follow instructions.

-- If you haven't found a contact, apply by following the instructions on the job posting.

If you are a job seeker, definitely give Goziak a try. It may help you find positions you didn't even know existed.

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