Sepak takraw is the best of soccer, volleyball and kung fu in one sport

sepak takraw

(CBS) - New sports should be like new foods; we should all try as many as we can. Case in point: women's World Cup soccer. Who thought that was going to be the game of the weekend?

Well, now it's on to the next internationally popular sport you never watch: Sepak takraw. It's basically soccer-volleyball-kung-fu. With backflips. Lots of backflips.

Are you a black belt martial artist/acrobat with incredible coordination and world-class soccer skills? Then sepak takraw may just be the sport for you. Of course, you'll have to move to South East Asia to play in the big leagues. Sepak Takraw is most popular in Malaysia (where it is believed to have been invented hundreds of years ago,) Thailand, Indonesia, and the rest of the region.