Send Web Content to Your Kindle with Just One Click

Ever wish you could save an awesome Business Hacks post for later reading on your Kindle? You can, and not just Business Hacks content -- the new Kindlebility bookmarklet clips and sends Web pages to your Kindle.

Cool, right? It's great for those times when, say, you're about to hop on a flight and want some extra reading material. Or for archiving worthwhile stuff on your preferred reading device.

Once it's set up, using Kindlebility is literally as simple as clicking the bookmarklet on whatever page you're viewing. And speaking of setup, it's pretty much a three-step process:

To recap, you simply enter your e-mail address on the Kindlebility page, drag your bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar, then authorize Kindlebility in your Kindle's account settings.

There are, of course, other ways to accomplish this same function, but I think Kindlebility is perhaps the easiest. I think this is a must-have extra for any Kindle owner. [via The How-To Geek]

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