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Senate Votes To Give D.C. Voting Rights In House

The Senate today voted to give the citizens of the District Of Columbia a vote in the House Of Representatives.

The D.C. House Voting Rights Act gives a seat to both D.C. and Utah, which fell just short of getting an additional vote following the last census. While the D.C. seat is likely to go to a Democrat, the Utah seat would most likely go to a Republican.

The House is scheduled to take up, and easily pass, the legislation next week, according to the Associated Press. But it could be derailed by legal challenges from those who say D.C. residents do not have Constitutional voting rights because they do not live in a state.

Visitors to the District may have noticed that many residents have license plates proclaiming "Taxation Without Representation" in protest of their lack of voting rights.

The District is currently represented in the House by delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a non-voting member.

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