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Selling an $85 million home, and the lifestyle behind it

The National Association of Realtors said that sales of existing homes with price tags of more than a million dollars increased more than 16 percent last month, year over year
Inside $85M California mega mansion 02:06

The National Association of Realtors said this week that sales of existing homes with price tags of more than $1 million increased more than 16 percent last month compared to the same month a year before.

But that amount would barely get you a closet in one California home now on the market.

At the highest point of Beverly Hills, Bruce Makowsky has built an $85 milllion house, entirely on spec.

"My budget was, there was no budget," Makowsky said. "It has to be the best."

So he'll throw in these Roberto Cavalli place settings, $3,700 each. Bentley chairs, $200,000 for the set. And a $1,000 chrome polished foosball table...just for starters.

"It's the finest of everything," he said. "It's Louis Vuitton on steroids!"

For $85 million this Beverly Hills mansion, plus a few trimmings, could be yours CBS News

Makowsky says he's filling a void with instant gratification. For the billionaire who can afford the house, but can't afford to wait.

"I'm able to create something that somebody would absolutely fall in love with," said Makowski. "If they don't have a taste level, they won't understand this house."

Because really, who else but a billionaire could appreciate this?

"I paid $200,000 for this absolutely beautiful hand grenade. It's made out of ballistic resin."

He says he also spent $200,000 for a wall filled with nothing but giant tubes...of cand.

"You pack on the pounds over here," said Makowsky. "And you rip them off when you walk into the fitness room."

The fitness center is as vast as the 2,500-bottle wine cellar. Larger than life would also include this portrait of James Dean -- with a $100,000 exact replica of his motorcycle.

"I'm not just selling the house, I'm selling the California lifestyle," Makowski explained.

The lifestyle house, at this point, is still awaiting a buyer.

"As far as value, my dad always told me, it's worth what someone's willing to pay for it," said Makowsky

If you have $85 million lying around, that someone could be you.

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