See drama unfold with a red button and trash fight

(CBS News) Could you use a little drama to add spice to your life? Would you rather watch it than experience it? Then I've got just the thing for you in the form of two fun videos! Up first is a sequel to a viral stunt we wrote about in April: see what happens when you push the red button above.

The simultaneously insane and amazing marketing stunt follow-up was done by the television network TNT in the Netherlands, and it actually manages to top their impressive prior version, in this blogger's humble opinion. And up next, drama doesn't always have to be big and bold. Sometimes it can play out in much more subtle ways. Like a caught-on-tape video of two older men arguing about where the trash is supposed to go. Watch a back-and-forth game of "rubbish tennis" play out in the hilarious and bizarre video below.