Secret Santa stops sending pies after 35 years

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - A Secret Santa has told an Ohio man not to expect any more pecan pies, which arrived mysteriously for 35 years.

Willis Welch says the pie that showed up at his Columbus home during the recent holiday season was accompanied by a note that said, "It has been a great ride." The person who signed it "Pie Fairy" also wrote: "My wings are shorter now and I am a little too fat to fly anymore. But I still love you!!"

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the 87-year-old Welch still doesn't know who was sending his perennial pastries, though whoever did it knew him well enough to know of his fondness for pecan pies. Welch believes the first one came in 1976. Though divorced, he had a wide social circle, so it has been nearly impossible to determine who the mysterious pie sender was.

His two daughters have denied any involvement. During the first few years, they even cautioned him not to eat it, because they were afraid it might be poisoned. However, Welch didn't heed their warnings, and has enjoyed a pie every year.

The secret sender ended the note with, "Won't say bye or so long, just . . . keep on keeping on!"