Second Cup Café: Erin Bode

Erin Bode is a singer-songwriter based in St. Louis whose sound is built from a jazz base and layered with touches of pop and folk.

Her music draws on her classical training, her musical theater background, and her love of songs from the big band era. She's got both the chops and the emotional range to push the limits of what's considered strictly "jazz."

She visits Second Cup Café to sing songs from her sophomore album "Over and Over."

Bode, whose name is pronounced "boh-dee," studied trumpet and sang in the church choir while growing up in Minnesota's Twin Cities area.

She attended high school in St. Louis where she fell in love with musical theater and performed in several plays at school.

After graduation, she majored in music at the University of Minnesota and then moved back to St. Louis to attend Webster University. There, she studied with jazz pianist and singer Christine Hitt who invited Bode to sit in at one of her gigs at a local club.

Bode admits she didn't do very well on her maiden voyage, but she was hooked anyway.

The songs on Bode's first album, "Don't Take Your Time" released in 2004, were all pop and jazz standards, save for one original song that she wrote.

In her sophomore album, Bode stretches out into broader musical territory with mostly original songs co-written with her pianist Adam Maness.

The set also includes lovely interpretations of Simply Red's "Holding Back The Years" and Paul Simon's "Graceland" sung in Bode's gentle, youthful voice.