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Can I Stream It?

(CBS) - Here's an irksome first-world problem. Say you get a hankering to watch a film and want to check if it's streaming on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Ugh, how annoying to have to go to each site and to run a search. Now there's a website that will combine data from all of these services in one location.

A group of developers at the branding and technology firm Urban Pixels wanted to create a solution to this problem for their own use. So they developed Can I Stream It? FYI, that's

The service doesn't just check on streaming movies online. There are four categories: streaming, rental, purchase or DVD/Blue-ray.

The streaming option will ping Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. The rental and purchase option will pull data from iTunes and Amazon OnDemand. For physical DVDs and Blu-ray discs, you'll be directed to Amazon.

It's a nifty service for people who take a more decentralized approach to home entertainment. We think this would be a fantastic mobile app. Hint, hint.

Reception for Can I Stream It? has been so great that they've already experienced some issues - the good kind.

While they just went live today, traffic was high enough that the service experienced disruptions because they reached their rate limit with Netflix.

The folks at Urban Pixel told me via email, "Traffic has been so overwhelming that we seem to have reached load limits at the moment, and are having some technical issues which we are working hard to resolve asap." As of right now, they tell me their issues with the third-party APIs have been fixed.

This site is definitely bookmark-worthy.

A sample search result on Can I Stream It? Can I Stream It?

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