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Seal With a 'Kiss'

In the '90s, Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Seal dominated the charts with his funky yet mellow style.

Establishing himself at the forefront of a British soul revival, he cranked out a number of hits, including "Crazy" and "Kiss From a Rose."

Now after a five-year break, he's back with a new CD, called "Seal IV."

He stopped by The Early Show to sing the first single from the album, "Waiting for You" and the old favorite, "Kiss From a Rose."

Seal tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm it has been five years since his last release because he created an entire album, but trashed it because he was unhappy with it.

"[I was] trying to find the right music, the type of music that people are accustomed to and listen to when they listen to my records," he explains. "Music, it's quite wonderful in that it has an effect on people and if that's not happening, then it's pretty evident that something is lacking."

Sealhenry Samuel was born on Feb.19, 1963, in London, England, but he has called Los Angeles his home for the past 12 years. Seal, however, went back to London to record "Seal IV."

"I felt that that was the best remedy, to go and be around the things that form an integral part of my growing up," he says of his stay in London.

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