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Schieffer To Interview Cheney On "Face the Nation" This Sunday

This Sunday, Bob Schieffer will interview former Vice President Cheney. Schieffer has interviewed Cheney "dozens" of times during their longstanding relationship.

"I first interviewed Dick Cheney in 1974 when he was a staffer for then president Gerald Ford. I have interviewed him many times since as Ford's Chief of Staff, as a congressman, as Secretary of Defense and as vice president," Schieffer told

The longtime moderator of CBS News' Face the Nation will interview Cheney for the first time since he left office in January. The two sat down in January for an exit interview.

"I have often disagreed with him," Schieffer said. "But, I have never interviewed him that I did not come away with something I did not know before."

This time around the former vice president will sit down with Schieffer on the set of Face the Nation on Mothers' Day. Check your local listings to catch the show.

Schieffer admits there is "plenty to ask him this time" from "the Republican party and where it is going, the Obama administration's release of those memos on torture and the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan."