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Scammed 49ers fan gets Super Bowl tickets from Ticketmaster CEO

A diehard San Francisco 49ers fan is heading out to the Super Bowl after she was duped out of thousands of dollars in an online ticket scam.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Sharon Osgood and her boyfriend attempted to purchase Super Bowl tickets on Craigslist. The couple wired $5,900 to a person who was apparently a Baltimore Ravens fan.

When a FedEx package arrived, the newspaper says instead of the tickets, Osgood received a picture of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco with a taunting note that read: "Go Ravens! LOL!"

Osgood says she bought four tickets from a man claiming that he was a season-ticket holder that couldn't make the game because his wife was pregnant. She agreed to wire the money after exchanging emails, phone calls and text messages over the course of a week.

After the story ran, Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard called the Hayward resident to offer her four free tickets to the game and breakfast with NFL great Troy Aikman.

The newspaper also says that the 49ers are giving her a pair of tickets because Osgood wants to bring her nephew's girlfriend.

It's not clear if an investigation is underway. Depending on the details of the scam, the fake seller could be guilty of violating wire fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, victims of money transfer scams should report the incident to both the wire transfer company and the FTC.

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