Say That Again?


Every campaign produces a memorable line or phrase.

Remember Ike's "Peace and Prosperity," Jimmy Carter's "I'll never lie to you," Walter Mondale's "Where's the beef?" or Ronald Reagan's "There you go again?"

It's early yet, but here are my favorites from the campaign here in Iowa:

Leading in the category for Most Unexpected Campaign pledge, Orrin Hatch for saying:

"If elected, I'll be the best friend chiropractors ever had in the White House."

George Bush is leading in the Yogi Berra Sentence Structure Division with this explanation of how the end of the Cold War has made it hard to know to know your enemy.

As he put it, "When I was coming up we knew exactly who the they were. It was Us versus Them and it was clear who the Them was.

"Today we're not so sure who the They are but we know they're there."

And finally, the clear leader in the Why Pass Up A Chance To Get Really Verbose Division is Al Gore who, when asked about the challenge from Bill Bradley really said, "Competition is a healthy thing. It's enabled me to dig deep. Fill my sails with the winds of competition. Put my keel deeper in the water."

Well, it can get windy out here. And it gets pretty deep, too.

But I'll be honest -- I'm not sure who the Them is, or where the They are. Maybe I should call a chiropractor.