SAW The Video Game

The Saw film series just released its sixth film in the franchise and what self respecting franchise wouldn't cash in on a video game tie in. While I thought the first movie was good the following sequels got progressively worse. So when I popped in the Saw video game I wasn't sure what to expect; the originality of the first one or the graphic mess the series has turned in to.

Saw follows detective David Tapp (Danny Glover's character) from the first Saw movie. He is still in a mad hunt to find "the Jigsaw Killer" since his partner Detective Steven Sing had half his head blown off. He has devoted all of his life to finding jigsaw at the expense of everyone and everything around him. Like every other victim Tapp wakes up with a garish contraption on his head and the Jigsaw puppet talking to him through the TV. To save himself he must learn to appreciate life and others around him. This begins his journey through the broken down building to find his "salvation." It is not just Tapp within this enervated edifice, there are other victims seeking their salvation as well. Some Tapp will have to help and some he will have to decide whether or not to kill.

The game is basically puzzle after puzzle after puzzle. If you like puzzle games this is for you, although Boom Blox would be a better choice. You walk around the decaying buildings dimly lit hallways, and sometimes pitch black, with nothing but your trusty Zippo. The graphics are like Silent Hill 2's from the PS2, which was good 8 years ago. The fighting mechanics, if you want to call them mechanics, are sluggish and uninspired, the frights aren't that frightening and the puzzles are so frequent that it takes away the urgency you should be feeling. Puzzle to get in the room, puzzle to get out, and so on and so on. On a bright note you will get trophies, lots and lots of trophies. Less than a minute into the game I had one. If you are trying to boost your number of trophies or achievement points this is the game for you. Outside of that leave it alone. For a game in the horror genre, it is woefully lacking in suspense and peril, it is no Dead Space or even Silent Hill 2.

Like the film series this game needs Jigsaw to put a rusty, spiked, steal trap on it, say some ominous words, turn on the timer and then lose the key.
Produced by Dwayne Austin