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Save on Monthly Bills with Help of Gadgets

If you're looking for a way to cut down on your monthly bills, Amy Goodman, senior editor of All You magazine, shared five great gadgets on "The Early Show" that will pay you back fast.

Save on home phone service:


Goodman: "You take the magic jack, plug it into your lap top (USB port) and in that is another little phone jack, click land-line phone into that. Then you're able to use a handheld phone using your Internet service. This product initially costs $40, and for the first year you get free local and long distance within the US and Canada. The second year and going forward is $19.99 per year. It's an amazing deal. We're buying MagicJack; we spend $80 a month on our bill. My husband is literally like, 'You need to cancel our phone service.' It's a savings by $600 per year because you're cancelling your landline and using your Internet service instead.

This also enables you have to voicemail, three-way calling , and call waiting. The MagicJack has a built-in answering machine so people can leave messages for you."


Goodman: "You're saving $33 each month by cancelling your landline service. There's potential for great savings here. You are actually using your cell phone minutes for this. This is for people who want to cancel their landline phone and just use their cell phone minutes exclusively, and that's how you're saving here by not having a landline in addition to your cell phone. When your cell phone rings all the other phones in the house will ring. This device will route the call to a home phone. You can link up to three cell phones to this one unit. Also, if you have different carriers, you can link up to three different carriers and each cell phone will have a different ring and flash a different color."

Save on soda:
SAVINGS: $350/YEAR for family of four

Goodman: "They have really interesting flavors. The savings are very significant, and it's very easy, you pulse it three times for five seconds each time. It's basically your at-home soda machine. You take regular water, and what this has is a carbon dioxide canister unit and it injects bubbles/carbonation into your water.

The point is you're making your own soda, taking your water, adding carbonation, then adding your flavors. The machine comes with a carbonator and two bottles. The bottles are reusable. You're saving money (up to $350 for a family of four) by using this. And because the canisters are reusable, you're not pouring more plastic into the earth, it's very eco-friendly. Instead of going to the store and buying soda bottles that take up space in your pantry/fridge, you're making soda when you need it, so it takes up less space.

They have 24 flavors including diet soda options, you can make ginger ale, lemon ice tea with carbonation. You can really get creative and switch it up. You do have to replace the syrup and carbonation, but at the end of the day, it's a huge savings."

Save on your electricity bill:
SAVINGS: 10 to 70 percent

Goodman: "This is a motion sensor light switch. You put this in rooms where you forget to turn off the lights: garage, den or office, etc. When you walk in your room it senses movement, you can pre-set it ahead of time to tell it when to turn off from the moment you walk in, say you set it to turn off 30 minutes after you've entered the room. It's great for rooms you walk in and out of quickly without turning off the lights, good for the smaller rooms, but not for living rooms."

Save on your water bill:

Goodman: "In general when you take a shower you use 20 gallons of water. That's a lot of water. Here is how to cut down, you want to aim for half a gallon to 1.5 gallons per minute. We are giving you two different gadgets here, the is a low flow showerhead by Evolve Roadrunner and its $40. This one is a bit pricier because it's kind of stylish, but you can get one as low as $8 to $10. The low flow showerhead in general saves 8,000 gallons per year. This product reduces the amount of water that comes out.

The aerator adds more air to what comes out with the water, so that it reduces the water flow. Some may think it reduces water pressure, but it actually doesn't. It's a great cheap fix for reducing overall how much water you use. With the aerator you can save 20 percent off your water bill every month."

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