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Beer smugglers get creative in Saudi Arabia, but not creative enough

NEW YORK -- Customs officials in Saudi Arabia say they thwarted a creative attempt to smuggle 48,000 cans of Heineken beer into the conservative Sunni Muslim country where alcohol is banned.

A video released by the Saudi government shows what appears to be a shrink-wrapped case of Pepsi, the Washington Post reported.

Nothing in the video that appeared out of the ordinary until a Saudi agent sliced through the shrink-wrapped plastic and pulled one can out.

With a sharp blade, a Saudi agent peeled back the innocuous Pepsi label to reveal the true nature of the beverage -- the shiny silver can and trademark Heineken logo was unveiled.

A picture of the captured contraband was posted to Saudi Arabia's Customs page.

Scrolling down the Twitter page, other busts can be seen, with liquor and beer in pockets sewn into a shirt and Heineken and Budweiser under blankets and in boxes among other alcoholic beverages.

Smuggling alcohol into the country is a criminal offense.

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