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Sarah Palin's Red Jacket up for Auction

Radio host Laura Ingraham is auctioning off the red jacket Sarah Palin wore on the cover of her memoir, "Going Rogue." Proceeds for the sale will benefit two organizations that serve American military and veterans.

As of 3:15 pm Eastern Standard Time, the bidding on the jacket had reached $7,050.

Palin announced the auction this morning in a note on her Facebook page.

"It's a privilege to participate in the auction Laura Ingraham is organizing to help our men and women in uniform," Palin said. "Laura asked if I would donate the jacket I wore on the cover of my book, "Going Rogue." I can't think of a better cause, and it's especially fitting because the book is dedicated to patriots and in particular to our women and men in uniform."

Palin also called into the Laura Ingraham show this morning to talk with the radio host as bidding began.

"Now Going Rogue has sold over a million copies…" Ingraham said. "And it drives [the liberal media] insane, because they don't understand why people are rallying to [Palin's] cause, and her ideas, and what she stands for and represents. And I'm telling you it's partly because of her generous spirit. And when I asked her on the spot during our last interview… if she would do this for the troops, for the Wounded Warrior, and the Fisher [House], on the spot, Governor Palin said yes. The auction begins now."

Ingraham also plugged the "Code Red Rally," a protest against healthcare reform that is scheduled for next week outside the Capitol. The event description on Ingraham's website offers a warning to politicians who support the reform efforts: "enjoy your remaining time in the U.S. Capitol because we're coming for your seat." Ingraham referenced the use of the color red to symbolize an emergency.

"People are going to be wearing red jackets," she told Palin. "And you wore red on the cover of your book, but it's an emergency. It's red for the emergency… So I think that's going to be another show of power."

The auction will end at 8:00 am on December 18th. Proceeds for the "Rogue Warrior Jacket" will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and The Fisher House.

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