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Sarah Palin, Todd Palin in Awkward Video Encounter

A video has surfaced showing Sarah and Todd Palin reacting with apparent frustration to a man filming them at Alaska's Valdez airport, with the Palins asking the man to identify himself and taking video and photos of him as he films them.

At one point, Todd Palin, standing in the man's face and apparently taking video of him, asks, "you got a life or what?" He also asks the man, "why are you shaking so bad?"

You can watch the video at left.

According to the blog Palingates, which bills itself as "The Sarah Palin Watchdog Team," the video was taken last Tuesday. The man who took it, who identifies himself as Hawk, tells Palin he is a small business owner who is only taking the video for himself.

"You mind if I take a picture of you?" Palin asks after Hawk identifies himself. "I love meeting the locals." Todd Palin appears to be filming during the conversation.

The man follows the Palins into the airport, at which point Todd Palin seems to get increasingly irritated.

"What do you need to videotape her for?" he asks, holding his phone up and apparently filming the man filming him. Hawk responds that he is at the airport with his wife, who is getting on an airplane. Todd Palin asks Hawk why he is "shaking so bad" three times before walking away. 

Later, Todd Palin again confronts Hawk. "Why did you stick the camera in Sarah Palin's face," Todd Palin asks, walking toward him with his phone held up. Hawk responds that he never got close to the Palins.

Later, a woman sticks a piece of paper over Hawk's camera. According to Palingates, the woman was with Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show, which was traveling with the couple.

The Palins aren't the first famous people to get frustrated with the constant presence of cameras in their lives, and even their critics might understand their apparent frustration at being videotaped while going about their daily lives. At the same time, Todd Palin's response will strike some viewers as an overreaction.

Earlier this month, video surfaced of Palin confronting a teacher holding a sign that reads "worst governor ever." Check out the tense interaction below.

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