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Sarah Palin struggles to find takers for new reality show: Report

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waves during a Tea Party Express rally Sept. 5, 2011, in Manchester, N.H. Getty Images

(CBS) Sarah Palin is reportedly having a difficult time attracting interest for a new series she has cooked up with reality TV guru Mark Burnett. The show would focus on her husband Todd and his career as a championship snowmobile racer.

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As exciting, ahem, as the show's storyline sounds, sources told Hollywood Reporter that both TLC and A&E aren't interested. Those were the same networks that battled over Palin's other reality show, "Alaska."

It was just over a year ago that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" debuted on TLC with a record-breaking five million viewers.

There's talk Palin and Burnett are asking for up to $1 million an episode, a high price tag for networks not willing to take a chance on someone's whose popularity could be waning, according to network insiders.

Has the spotlight gone dim on the former Alaska governor? The one-time vice presidential candidate's appearances have been scarce since announcing she would not be seeking the 2012 presidential ticket.

"I think it's safe to say her time has passed," said a network insider.

Tell us: Do you think Palin's time has passed?

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