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Sarah Palin Attempts to Limit Press do Little

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has granted the media limited access to her public appearances since stepping down from public office, but that does not seem to be muting the attention she is paid.

Palin on Wednesday drew thousands of supporters to a Borders bookstore in Springfield, Missouri, where she shook hands with people who waited outside for her in the bitter cold. She took no questions from reporters at the book signing, reports the Associated Press, which was relegated to a roped-off area inside the store.

The politician also reportedly tried to keep her fans from making any attempts at citizen journalism: Despite shaking hands with people, Palin did not talk about politics with them, the AP reports. Attendees were banned from carrying cell phones or cameras and were not granted personalized signatures for their books.

The media was barred from Palin's speaking engagement at the College of the Ozarks that followed the book signing, but reporters from the Springfield News-Leader and other local media outlets managed to snag a few of the 4,000 free tickets allotted to the event before they quickly disappeared.

The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate was the keynote speaker during a convocation at the college honoring World War II veterans and others. Palin was the inaugural recipient of the college's "Great American" award for her contributions to promoting patriotism, College of the Ozarks President Jerry Davis said, according to the News-Leader.

Palin reportedly told the crowd she is moving on "in the battle with new strategy" and repeated her assertion that she doesn't need an official "title to effect positive change" in the country. Regularly eliciting applause from the audience, she said the nation should return to its "pioneering values" of hard work, independence and taking care of your neighbors.

"History and common sense tells us that when government tries to take care of us, it ends up robbing us of our ability to help ourselves," Palin said.

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