Sanjaya Outlasts Hunger Strike

Sanjaya Malakar, the modestly talented teen heartthrob of "American Idol," has outlasted a fan of the reality show who is so bitter about his singing style that she went on a hunger strike for 16 days.

The MySpace blogger known only as "J" had vowed to continue her fast until Sanjaya was off the show.

But last week, Sanjaya once again survived a round in the competition, while contestant Chris Sligh was voted off the show.

Presumably, "J" broke open a donut box in sheer despair.

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In a new video message, she alerts the world to her decision to end the hunger strike. The 22-year-old Buffalo resident says her doctor advised her to stop fasting. She also urges any fans who joined her in the strike to stop fasting.

In a chilling message, "J" assures Sanjaya opponents that she would be "organizing a voting strategy for the coming weeks."

The woman had announced she would keep up her hunger strike until Malakar is either "voted off, producers rescind his spot in the Top 12, or he graciously steps down from his position."