Sandra Layne Case: Murder trial of Michigan grandma nearing end

Sandra Layne, a 74-year-old grandmother, has been charged with murder in the shooting death of her 17-year-old grandson. Police said Jonathan Hoffman called police on May 18, 2012, and told an emergency dispatcher that he had been shot in the chest by his grandmother Layne and "was going to die." By the time officers arrived at the family's upscale condo in a Detroit suburb, police said at least four more shots from a .40-caliber handgun had been pumped into the high school senior. A West Bloomfield Township detective told a judge during a court hearing that eight entry and exit wounds were found in Hoffman's body. Layne's lawyer has said Hoffman was troubled, Layne was afraid of her grandson and she fired her new handgun because she felt she had no choice. She has been charged with open murder, which allows a jury to decide on whether a first- or second-degree charge applies after hearing evidence.
West Bloomfield Township Police Dept.
Sandra Layne
West Bloomfield Township Police Dept.

(CBS/AP) PONTIAC, Mich. - Closing arguments are set for Monday in trial of a Michigan woman charged with shooting her teen grandson to death.

PICTURES: Grandma accused of grandson's murder

A judge said the jury can consider first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter in the trial of 75-year-old Sandra Layne. She is accused of shooting her grandson six times in May 2012 at her West Bloomfield Township home.

Layne confessed to shooting 17-year-old Jonathan Hoffman in self-defense after he demanded $2,000 and her car to leave the state. But prosecutors said it was premeditated murder.

Layne testified last week, saying she bought a gun to protect herself because her grandson brought strangers to the home late at night. Hoffman had a history of drug use.

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