Sand Artist Becomes YouTube Sensation

Susan Boyle, move over. The Internet has a new star, and she plays with sand.

Actually, "play" is too dismissive a term to describe what Kseniya Simonova (left) does.

A "sand artist," she recently demonstrated her gift on the TV competition "Ukraine's Got Talent," winning the top prize. A video of her performance has since received more than two million hits on YouTube.

As described by Ian Johnston in London's Telegraph, Simonova, 24, draws pictures in sand on top of a light table, the images (projected onto a large screen) depicting the effects of the Nazi Invasion.

With a soundtrack of period songs and bombs bursting, Simonova's 8 1/2-minute animated display shows ordinary people suffering the deprivations of war.

It moved the audience to tears, and won Simonova the top prize, approximately $120,000.

  • David Morgan

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