San Bernardino community left stunned: "This must end"

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- At a growing memorial near the building where so many were killed and wounded, residents of San Bernardino have been leaving messages, flowers, candles, and tears.

Even as investigators find new clues to the motive for the shooting, Rafael Sandez is struggling with a question about the killers that seems impossible to answer.

"The thing I will never get over or understand is how can somebody with a six-month-old child have so much hate," said Sandez.

With thousands of candles, the residents of San Bernardino tried last night to lift the darkness that has settled over this community.

The family of Bennetta Bet-Badal mourned a woman who fled Islamic extremism in Iran nearly 30 years ago, only to die in Wednesday's massacre. She leaves a husband and three children. Her daughter Jolen is 15.

"She supported me with my dreams," said Jolen. "Everyone on Twitter and everyone saying how sorry they are, just makes me happy that people care."

The slaying of Michael Raymond Wetzel, of Lake Arrowhead, Calif., leaves his wife and six children without a husband and father. Family photo

Another of the victims, Michael Wetzel, had six children. Most of them were with him at church last Sunday. Six children now without a father, and a community trying to bear the pain.

The messages left at the memorial are heartfelt, offering prayers and condolences. One of the notes says simply, "this must end."

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