Samarra: Chaos And Bloodshed

Late yesterday, our chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan filed a stirring Reporter's Notebook, on the aftermath of the attack on the Shiite shrine in Samarra:
The night is dark over Baghdad as I look out from the balcony of our hotel, hot summer winds blowing aggressively in spite of the late hour. Moments before I had heard the distant thunder of a massive bomb exploding in another part of the city, most likely an American bomb when the boom is that big, but that's not what's on my mind…

All I can think about, imagine, is what people must be feeling, hunkered down in their homes. Especially Sunni people tonight. Everyone here remembers what happened last time, when al Qaeda first bombed the holy Shiite shrine in Samarra. The death squads and executions, and revenge killings on both sides, and the piles and piles of unclaimed, un-named Sunni bodies filling up Baghdad's morgues. They still are.

If you want to know what life is like in Samarra these days, read on. It's almost unimaginable.