Sales Quiz: Which Account is Strategic?

Last Updated Apr 13, 2010 6:29 AM EDT

SCENARIO: You are selling for a medium-sized company that has ambitious growth plans. Before leaving on an extended vacation where she can't be reached, your sales manager assigned you three new accounts and told you to focus on "the strategic one." However, she neglected to tell you which of the three accounts was the strategic one. Here are your choices:
  • Megastores, Inc. This brand of retail outlets is known around the world. They don't normally resell a lot of your product category, but landing them as a customer would give ANY firm enormous credibility on Wall Street.
  • Microhard, Inc. This small company is a key player in a market that your company is trying to penetrate. Because they're small, they aren't going to spend much on your offering, but they know everyone in their industry.
  • Warbucks, Inc. This company is your firm's largest customer. They buy in large quantities and are always given the largest discounts. They usually threaten to jump to a competitor whenever they're about to cut a new order.

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