Sal Giunta & his Medal of Honor, one year later

Last year, Lara Logan profiled U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his extraordinary bravery in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley

Courage in the face of almost certain death

Normally, we like to go back a little further than one season to select a Rewind. But this week, we'll make an exception: Salvatore Giunta's story is the perfect compliment to David Martin's report on Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer. After all, it isn't often you get two Medal of Honor recipients on the same edition of Overtime!

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We were curious about catching up with Giunta and his wife Jenny to see what direction their lives had gone since Lara's interview. Here's what we've learned.

After Lara's "60 Minutes" story first aired in November of 2010, the Iowa native became something of a media celebrity. Giunta was a guest on both the "Late Show with David Letterman" and the "Colbert Report." At one point in that appearance, Colbert said to Giunta: "If I had been awarded the Medal of Honor, I'd be going, "Look at me! I got the Medal of Honor! Who wants to buy me a beer?' But for some reason, you don't want to make this about you." Replied Giunta: "Honestly, it's not about me. This is for everyone I've served with" and for all the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In December 2010, Giunta was the guest of honor at New York City's annual New Year's Eve ball drop. Along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Giunta launched the countdown to 2011 for the million or so people gathered in Times Square, and the millions more watching on television.

After two tours of duty in Afghanistan, Giunta left the military in June of 2011. He and Jenny moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, so he could continue his education. (With help from the G.I. Bill, naturally!) Giunta is now enrolled at Colorado State University, yet the celebrity continues. This coming weekend, Sal Giunta will be a guest of honor when his school takes on its cross-state rival, Colorado, in football.