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Ryan Reynolds crashes Korean TV show, sings "Tomorrow"

Ryan Reynolds surprised audience members on a Korean TV show when he belted out the song "Tomorrow" from the 1982 musical "Annie" -- all while hiding behind a mask. Reynolds appeared on TV show "King of Mask Singer" in South Korea that features a singing competition between eight masked celebrities. The actor is currently promoting the upcoming "Deadpool 2."

Reynolds donned a unicorn mask on the show and wore a glittery cape to match. As he sang, one of the judges on the panel commented that his accent was very good, most likely assuming that Reynolds was a Korean star.

Later, when Reynolds took off his mask for the big reveal, the audience went wild, and so did the judges, as they climbed over each other yelling that they wanted a photo with the star.

[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'unicorn' special performance - Tommorrow 20180513 by MBCentertainment on YouTube

Then Reynolds said to the audience and judges, "Hello everybody. I'm so sorry about that song." Reynolds took offense that one of the judges initially thought he might be President Donald Trump, and the judge apologized.

When asked if he had been nervous, Reynolds responded, "Yes, absolutely. I'm wearing an adult diaper." He revealed that it was the first time he sang in front of an audience.

Reynolds said of his appearance, "This was such a thrill. This was an unbelievable honor for me. You guys pushed me to my own limits, and I thank you for that."

"Deadpool 2" hits theaters on Friday. Watch the video below to see the moment the audience realizes it's Reynolds behind the mask.

[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'unicorn' Identity 20180513 by MBCentertainment on YouTube
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