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Royal wedding guests will be able to tweet

Tourists relax in the gardens outside Westminster Abbey on April 22, 2011, before the royal wedding between Britain's Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.
Tweets will be allowed at Westminster Abbey during the royal wedding, according to police officials. Getty

Wedding guests be able to tweet Friday morning at Westminster Abbey as Britain's Prince William marries Kate Middleton.

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Timeline: Westminster Abbey

Both Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police have refuted reports on that signal-blocking technology at Westminster Abbey will make mobile phones there inoperable. The report, picked up by bloggers worldwide, says the action is intended to keep photos and videos from leaking out and to keep ringtones from distracting from the ceremony.

However, CBS was told by Scotland Yard Wednesday night that it was not aware of any such device being installed.

Met police spokesman Eddie Townsend said Thursday morning, "The story is not true, rubbish."

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