Roommate of woman missing in Aruba speaks out

It's been nine days since Robyn Gardner, 35, of Frederick, Md., vanished while on vacation in Aruba with 50-year-old Gary Giordano. Aruban investigators say they have detained Giordano because of inconsistencies in his story.

Giordano told investigators that Gardner disappeared while they were snorkeling near the wind-swept southern tip of the island. He said they became separated and she never made it back to shore.

Missing Md. woman's companion in Aruba detained

In an "Early Show" interview, Garder's roommate, Christina Jones, said she had her reservations about her friend taking a trip with Giordano.

"I was not excited about her going away with Gary," Jones told co-anchor Chris Wragge.

That view, Jones said, was based on plans Gardner and Giordano made two months ago to go on a cruise together.

Jones recalled, "When she changed her mind, the way he responded set off a firework within my own self, so I got worried when she said she was going to leave to go to Aruba with Gary."

Gardner, Jones said, had told her via a Facebook message that she wasn't having a good time in Aruba.

Jones said, "It was a standard message on Facebook. ... Her words were 'This sucks. Really.'"

Jones said she wouldn't describe Giordano as a boyfriend. Jones said her roommate had known Giordano for more than a year.

She said, "(They were) just friends. I know it was a bit of a roller coaster friendship, you know, good one day, not so great the next."

Jones added that she had never met Giordano.

"I've only heard about him, you know, through Robyn," she said.

Robyn Gardner's family has released this statement:

Our daughter Robyn has been missing since August 2, 2011. We can only pray that she will soon be with us and bring back the joy into our lives. She means the world to us. We are hoping for the very best outcome with the help of the international community that we will reach a favorable outcome. We are confident very grateful to the Aruba authorities and volunteers who are working above and beyond all our expectations. I hope you understand that we are being quiet as to not jeopardize the investigation. Please continue to pray for Robyn. Thank you.

The investigation continues into Gardner's disappearance.

Aruban prosecutors wouldn't say what parts of Giordano's story are in doubt, but in a statement to CBS News, they said, "It was decided to detain him for further questioning on the possible drowning of the woman."

Prosecutors aren't the only ones who have questions for Giordano, CBS News Correspondent Elaine Quijano reported. Richard Forester, the man who describes himself as Gardner's boyfriend, claims that it's highly unlikely she would have ever agreed to go snorkeling at all.

Forester told CBS News, "I just don't think she was snorkeling. I feel in my heart that something happened at this person's hand."

In response, an attorney for Giordano said, "There is no concrete or direct indication that our client might be involved in any illicit act."

Still, experts say, Giordano's history of domestic violence makes him a prime suspect in the case.

Criminal profiler Casey Jordan said, "It raises the question, if she resisted any of his advances, or wasn't interested in what he was interested in, could a fight have broken out?"

Authorities can only hold Giordano for five more days without pressing charges. And until Gardner is found, the answer to what happened to her will remain a mystery.