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Romney's presidential transition website surfaces

Mitt Romney did not win the election, but plans for his transition from candidate to president have been in the works since June and part of that process was mistakenly revealed this week: the creation of a website with information about his transition. Before it was taken down, Taegan Goddard, the blogger who discovered the site, saved some images of it.

One of the website's pages includes a Romney quote, "I'm excited about our prospects as a nation." Another page details how to apply for jobs with warnings that the "hours are long and the pace is intense." The site also provided information on Inauguration Day and choosing his cabinet.

Work on a presidential transition began long before Election Day, federal funds are provided to both nominees to build transition teams and rent office space. For instance, in 2008, the presidential transition began two years before Election Day, according to the General Services Administration, which administers the transitions of presidents-elect.

The GSA's duties, enacted in 2010, is to provide "some services and facilities" for "eligible candidates for President or Vice-President in advance of the election," according to the GSA website.

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