Romney's New Hampshire Closer

It's not just the Democrats who can't stop talking about change. On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, Mitt Romney has made it his closing argument.

In a two-minute spot to air tonight on New Hampshire and Massachusetts television, Romney says "those who've spent their careers in Washington can't change Washington" – a not-so-veiled attempt to highlight John McCain's many years in the Senate.

Those Washington insiders, Romney says, have failed at fixing schools, fixing health care, and securing borders. "We need new energy, we need new ideas, and we need new leaders," he continues. "We need people who can turn around Washington. I'm the only candidate for President who's done that in the real world."

Romney's campaign strategy has long been to build momentum by winning the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. But Romney lost to Mike Huckabee in Iowa, and a New Hampshire loss would be another significant blow to his campaign. Recent polls show the former Massachusetts governor trailing McCain by about 5 points in the Granite State.