Romney marches in July 4 parade in N.H.

CBS News
CBS News
BORO, N.H. - Mitt Romney supporters were out in full force in this New Hampshire resort town. where presumptive nominee spent the July Fourth holiday marching in the local parade and shaking hands with the hundreds of locals who lined the streets.

His campaign's overwhelming presence in the festivities were countered by a few dozen Obama supporters from the area who marched together, chanting, "Fighting for the middle class, Barack Obama has our back."

But the celebration stayed civil, and as Romney spoke to a few hundred supporters at the end of the parade route, he complimented the decorum of his rival's supporters.

"I love the fact that as we walked in the parade today, I realized that a number of people were thinking about voting for someone else besides me. I know they were," he said. "But you know what? They were courteous -- they were courteous and respectful and said good luck to ya and happy Fourth of July."

"This is a time for us to come together as a people. We have different views on political issues, but with regards to our conviction that this nation is unique and exceptional, we must come together and show respect for what it is that makes us such a great nation," he told the crowd.

Romney was joined by New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, presumed to be a possible running mate. Asked during the parade if she was meeting with Romney during her visit to the town, she replied, "I'm with him right now!"

Even though Romney is vacationing with his wife, five sons, their wives, and eighteen grandchildren this week, his mind cannot be far from the campaign. On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Romney was spotted meeting at his lakefront home with campaign manager Matt Rhoades, strategist Stuart Stevens and senior advisor Beth Myers, who is leading the search for a vice president.

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