Romney makes first general election ad buy

Romney for President, Inc.

(CBS News) Mitt Romney today released his first television ad of the 2012 general election.

In the commercial, which is reportedly set to run in Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia, the Romney campaign lays out what he would do on his first day in office. The ad says on Day One, Romney will approve the Keystone pipeline, work on tax cuts and regulations, and start measures to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act, which is referred to in the ad as "Obamacare." Romney told reporters on Thursday that the ad would be "positive."

The campaign released the ad in both English and Spanish. The ads in both languages are 30 seconds and identical to each other.

A Democratic strategist in Ohio says he's perplexed as to why Romney would be running Spanish language ads in those states, specifically, where he says its a "throwaway." Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said that the Hispanic vote in Ohio is not nearly as significant as a state like Florida, so there's "no real relevance" in running it in the Buckeye State, except to show that the campaign is trying to show that they care about Hispanic voters in general.

In Florida, the Romney and Obama campaigns do have very different strategies for courting the Hispanic vote. The Romney campaign says that their plan is to release ads - similarly to today's - that are identical in English and Spanish. Their advisers argue that releasing ads that are not exactly the same in both languages would send mixed messages, when really, they are solely focused on the economy. The Obama campaign plans to do the opposite - courting voters in different demographics and parts of the state, "custom tailoring" their commercials and press releases in different languages.

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