Roller Coasters: A Stomach-Dropping Part of Summer Fun

<b>Name:</b> Maverick<br> <b>Where to Find It:</b> Cedar Point (Cleveland, Ohio)<br> <b>Open Since:</b> 2007<br><br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="">Cedar Point</a><br>
Cedar Point
The Maverick coaster at Cedar Point in Cleveland, Ohio.
Cedar Point

NEW YORK (CBS) With summer now in full swing, kids and parents alike are lining up across the country to scare themselves silly with the drops, twists and turns of roller coasters.

Pictures: Roller Coasters Across the USA

Whether it's a new thrill ride like the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios Orlando or a classic like the Cyclone in Brooklyn, N.Y., there's something about the stomach-clenching drops, hold-on-to-your-hats loops and scream-inducing jerks that keep people coming back for more (that is, if you're tall enough to ride the rides...or brave enough to).

Parks across the country including Six Flags, Cedar Point, Herseheypark and the Disney resorts all have coasters for the adventurous and the timid.

Do you or your child have a favorite coaster? Or one you plan to ride before the summer ends? Share it with us in the comments.