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Roger Staubach - And Football Metaphors - For McCain

The clock is running down, the game is on the line: It's time to...donate some cash?

So says an email from team McCain, one signed by former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach. He is urging McCain supporters to "get in the game now," before the third-quarter fundraising deadline. "We can't do our job in the fourth quarter unless we play hard in the third," he writes.

Many of the lines in the email, in fact, contain a football metaphor: "The clock is ticking and we're getting ready to make a final push to victory," "Football requires a team effort. So does a campaign," "the last chance we have as a team of McCain supporters to huddle up," and so on.

In that spirit, then, let's say this: While the struggling McCain campaign may not be throwing a Hail Mary pass just yet, they certainly have the hurry-up offense on the field seeking one more big score this quarter.

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