Rockstep: guitarist shreds dubstep jam "Cinema (Skrillex Remix)" by Benny Benassi

dubstep on guitar

(CBS) - You don't have to be a fan of dubstep to appreciate this video (though it helps.) All you need is an appreciation for one talented guitarist going where no guitar has gone before. Electronic music is computer-based, and by rights no physical instrument should be able to replicate the screeches and squalls of a dubstep jam. And yet that's exactly what this young man does, adding his rock star styling to Skrillex's remix of Benny Benassi's "Cinema."

Welcome to "rockstep." The guitarist's name is Ben Matthews, and while he only has one video so far on his YouTube channel, we hope to see more soon. He clearly has some genre-bending, not to mention guitar-shredding, talent.

Edited Sept. 7 10:39 EDT