Rock Star: Supernova

Time to pick a winner.

To start, the two with the fewest votes — Magni and Toby — perform for Supernova. Right after they perform again, they send Magni home.

It's now come down to Toby, Dilana and Lukas.

They have a recap of their time on the show, and they each say a few words to the band they want to front.

Toby sings "Somebody Told Me," Lukas sings "Bittersweet Symphony," and Dilana sings "Zombie." They all knock it out of the park.

Supernova puts their heads together for a few commercial breaks and decides to send Toby home first. I was a little surprised but not shocked.

It's Dilana and Lukas, the two weird punk rockers. Of course, another commercial break.

It's time and Supernova has picked Lukas as their man!

They ask Dilana, though, to come on tour with them and play with the houseband and Gilby offers his services to help her put together an album, and Dave offers to play on it. I think she may have gotten a sweeter deal than Lukas.

But Lukas is the winner, they sing together and it works on stage. Congrats! Who is going to be the band next summer?