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Roberts' Invitation To Obama

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, file)
This afternoon, prompted by an invitation from Chief Justice John Roberts, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will visit the Supreme Court.

Below is the text of Roberts' invitation to Mr. Obama and Biden, dated December 5, 2008.

Roberts' reference to occasional pre-inauguration meetings is to two pervious such visits, one involving Bill Clinton and Al Gore on December 8, 1992 and the other involving Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush on November 19, 1980.

Dear Mr. President-elect:

Through the years, our respective predecessors have occasionally arranged a pre-inaugural meeting between the President-elect and Members of the Supreme Court, so that colleagues in public service might become better acquainted.

The Associate Justices and I would be pleased to see that sporadic practice becomes a congenial tradition. We cordially invite you and Vice-President-elect Biden to visit us at the Supreme Court.

If your schedule permits such a visit, you will receive a warm welcome from the Members of the Court as you prepare to undertake your important responsibilities on behalf of the American people.

With best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,


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