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Roberta Mancino: Italian Skydiver is Men's Fitness Sexiest Athlete

Americans have voted and their collective will cannot be denied. No, we're not taking about the midterm elections, we're talking about Italian skydiver Roberta Mancino, who just won Men's Fitness Sexiest Woman in Sports poll.

Perhaps, it shouldn't surprise. Besides jumping out of planes, sometimes nude, the 30-year-old has also jettisoned her clothes for shoots with Playboy and Max magazine.

Mancino tells Men's Fitness she keeps it all together with a solid regiment of yoga, hitting the gym and doing test runs in an indoor wind tunnel facility in North Carolina that simulates skydiving conditions.

Tunnel flying, she says, is a good total body workout and great cardio.

But it hasn't been all smooth sailing for Mancino. The Italian national freestyle skydiving champ told the magazine her parachute has failed five times. Luckily, her second parachute always worked and she was never injured.

As for those nude jumps that got the magazine's readers so inspired?

"I jumped out first so the entire load of skydivers-23 people-got a little show at altitude," she told Men's Fitness. "It was chilly, but once I jumped it was a nice feeling to have the wind against my body and to not have a jumpsuit or any clothes flapping against me."

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