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Rielle Hunter Talks About Edwards on "Oprah"

John Edwards' mistress tells Oprah Winfrey the former presidential candidate's wife didn't know about their involvement until after Edwards gave an interview to ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff admitting the affair.

In quotes provided Wednesday by Harpo Productions, Rielle Hunter says John Edwards "came clean with" Elizabeth Edwards after the August 2008 interview. Hunter tells Winfrey people who "knew the truth" asked John Edwards not to do the interview. Hunter says Elizabeth Edwards "really wanted him to do that interview," but "she didn't know the truth."

Hunter is to appear on Thursday's episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

John Edwards admitted in January he and Hunter have a 2-year-old daughter, Frances Quinn. He and Elizabeth Edwards are now separated.

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Hunter told GQ in an interview published in the magazine's April issue that she and Edwards have been in love since they met in February 2006.

"I have never had any doubt at all about that," she said. "We love each other very much. And that hasn't changed, and I believe that will be till death do us part. The love doesn't go away. It's unconditional."

Edwards is set to testify under oath about his affair with Hunter, according to the Daily Beast. He will likely discuss their romantic relationship as well as the infamous sex tape in an attempt to get to the bottom of whether federal campaign funds were used to keep the affair under wraps during his presidential run.

Edwards has been notified that his deposition is set for "May 13, 2010, and the deposition of another witness on May 24, 2010," according to the report.