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Rick Saccone concedes to Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania congressional race

Republican Rick Saccone has called Democrat Conor Lamb to concede the race for the 18th congressional district in Pennsylvania more than a week after the election. Saccone has already announced he will run for Congress in another district. 

"This afternoon, I spoke to Mr. Lamb, conceding the race in the Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District and congratulating him on his victory," Sacone said in a note provided to CBS News. "While there are less than 800 votes separating us, the people of the 18th District deserve to have a voice representing them in Congress. I am honored and humbled to have worked with so many talented and committed supporters. Their tireless dedication to this campaign inspired and motivated me each and every day. While Yong and I are certainly disappointed with the outcome, I remain resolute in defending the voices of Southwestern Pennsylvania voters. I will continue this fight as a candidate in the 14th Congressional District."

Lamb was first to say Saccone had conceded. 

Saccone had declined to give up for days, even after the number of outstanding votes to be counted were fewer than he needed to win. Lamb won by just a few hundred votes, and Republicans turned to a possible recount or legal recourse. Ultimately, Saccone didn't pursue that option. 

President Trump campaigned for Saccone ahead of the special election, and on Tuesday called Saccone a "good man" at a fundraiser for the National Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC). Mr. Trump reportedly told donors last week that Lamb won because he ran "like Trump."

NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers told CBS News Saccone was "out-raised and outspent by a factor of five" in that race.

"That means Conor Lamb, the Democrat, spent more on television in the last week than our candidate spent the entire campaign," Stivers said on "The Takeout" podcast with CBS News' Major Garrett this week.

Lamb, a 33-year-old former Marine and former federal prosecutor, was on Capitol Hill Wednesday, addressing House Democrats. 

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