A look back: Nixon in 1968

At the time, Richard Nixon was running for president and told Mike Wallace he hoped "to restore respect to the presidency"

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As we prepared to open 60 Minutes' 47th year, we got to thinking about the topics and people who preoccupied us during that first season, in 1968.

It was an election year and a time of turmoil for a nation tired of war abroad and repelled by violence at home. No figure dominated that autumn like candidate Richard Milhous Nixon. He appeared on 60 Minutes twice that fall, and told Mike Wallace style and charisma aren't what make a good president.

Richard Nixon: Some public men are destined to be loved and other public men are destined to be disliked, but the most important thing about a public man is not whether he's loved or disliked, but whether he's respected. And I hope to restore respect to the presidency.

Nixon went on to win the presidency that November, only to leave it in disgrace six years later.

  • Lesley Stahl
    Lesley Stahl

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