Retired Marine shot in struggle over gold chain

MIAMI - A retired U.S. Marine was shot when he scuffled with a pair of thieves over a gold chain in front of his Miami Gardens home, CBS Miami reported.

Family identified the victim as 64-year-old Robert Outler, a veteran who served two tours of duty in Vietnam.

Outler’s wife, Mia, said the family lives part time in South Florida and part time in Georgia and are in the Miami area for the holidays. She told CBS Miami her husband could not sleep Monday night and went out.

When he got back to their home around 2am Tuesday morning, she said he was ambushed by an armed robber.

“I heard the shot and came outside,” Mia told the station. “I just seen him rocking back and forth so I put a towel over him and when I open I saw the bullet holes, two bullet holes.”

“He was coming home, the guy approached him with a gun in his face, tried to rob him,” said Ken Outler, the victim’s brother.

“He hit his [the robber's] arm away, he went one way, the guy went the other way, while the guy was running away he shot him. It went through his shoulder, came out of his chest.”

Outler’s family said a second man was waiting in a white getaway car. The robbers reportedly got away with a gold chain and two gold medallions.

Mia Outler said her husband was scheduled to undergo surgery, and was expected to be okay.