Md. bikers on edge over razor-blade traps on bike trail

BALTIMORE -- Bike riders in Maryland are on edge after a group of people found razor-blade "booby-traps" hidden along a popular bike trail, reports CBS Baltimore.

Police tell CBS Baltimore it's obvious the booby-traps were intentionally planted along the trail. And there could be more out there.

"If something happened, it would certainly be traumatic," said trail biker Zach Brown. "I can't think of a word to describe it."

Brown told CBS Baltimore this isn't the first time bikers have heard of something like this happening along this trail. They have heard of trip wire, barbed wire and razor blades being placed as well.

A group of people came across the traps on Labor Day when the razor blades sticking upright from blocks of wood hidden in the dirt nearly sliced a hikers foot.

"Whoever is doing it and what they're doing it for, it is just uncalled for," said one hiker.

"You've just got to be a special, evil person to do something like that I think," said another hiker.

There are now signs being posted throughout the area warning bikers of what they could come across.

Police tell CBS Baltimore they are investigating and so far there are no suspects.