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As convention looms, Republicans tackle party platform

GOP platform
Republicans meet to set party platform 01:17

CLEVELAND -- As Donald Trump campaigned in Virginia on Monday and railed against Hillary Clinton, Republicans began gathering in Cleveland, Ohio. Trump is set to formally accept his party's nomination at the convention there next week.

But the first task at hand -- settling on a platform that spells out the GOP's core beliefs -- is already highlighting divisions between Trump and party activists.

Trump: "I am the law and order candidate" 02:24

On Monday, delegates took up issues like same-sex marriage, trade, and abortion -- issues where Trump has at times gone against the grain of Republican orthodoxy.

One of the more contentious discussions centered on language regarding transgender bathroom use, Trump has said such individuals can use any bathroom at his properties.

Delegate Darcy Johnston wanted to see Republicans soften their tone, but she was outnumbered in the subcommittee.

While fireworks had been anticipated, so far the meetings have been largely civil. Tony Perkins is a delegate and heads the Family Research Council.

"I'm not seeing a divide within the Republican party," he said. "The party platform is a statement of principles and priorities. The party is about local control, it's also about privacy and safety."

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