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Report: Verizon to Pay $90M in Customer Refunds

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Millions of Verizon Wireless cell phone customers will receive refunds totaling up to $90 million for wrongly charged data sessions on their phones.

The company will credit current customers in amounts between $2 and $6 each on their bills for October or November; former customers will receive refund checks in the same amounts, The New York Times reported on its website Sunday night.

The company told the Times the credits will go toward 15 million customers. The newspaper called the refunds one of the largest ever by a telecommunications company.

The refunds come after the company held talks with the Federal Communications Commission about complaints about the charges, the Times reported. The company has received the complaints for the last three years from customers who said they were charged for data usage or accessing the Internet when their phones weren't in use or when a button preprogrammed to access the Web was accidentally pressed, the newspaper reported.