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Report: Intelligence Cooperation Between Iran And Turkey Against Kurds

Asharq al Awsat:
Iran and Turkeyʼs intelligence and security services are cooperating against Kurds in the triangle border area between Iraq, Iran and Turkey, according to Turkish and Iranian Kurdish sources who spoke to Asharq al Awsat newspaper.

Serhat Arkman, a senior researcher at the center for Asian-European Strategic Studies in Ankara told the paper the two countries have been cooperating for more than a year. The head of the Turkish army forces admitted two weeks ago that thereʼs cooperation between the two countries without giving details, said Arkman, adding that thereʼs an exchange of intelligence information but doubting that the two countries carry joint attacks against Kurds.

On the other hand, a leader of a Kurdish Iranian opposition group residing in Iraq claimed that members of his group killed 145 members of the Iranian security forces in clashes on the Iranian side of the border last month.