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Report: Al Qaeda's Leader in Iraq Left to Afghanistan To Meet Al Zawahiri

The former Iraqi al Qaeda leader-turned-politician Mulla Nazem al Juburi said that a new alliance between al Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq and the insurgent group Ansar al Sunna has been formed and that leaders of both groups have left to Afghanistan to meet with al Qaeda's number two Ayman al Zawahiri.

"Our information indicate that Abi Abdullah al Shafaei, leader of Ansar al Sunna army, a Sunni Kurd, and Abi Ayoub al Masri, leader of al Qaeda group, left Iraq through Iran to Afghanistan in mid March to meet al Qaeda's second man Ayman al Zawahri," said al Juburi, who is now a member of the Dalouiya support council in Salah el Din.

On Tuesday, a member of a militant Islamist Internet forum claimed he received a phone call from a "soldier" of the Islamic State of Iraq who told him that joint operations are now being coordinated between Ansar al Sunna and the Islamic State of Iraq in Mosul. The man added that such cooperation would soon be materialized in al Anbar as well.

The Army of Ansar al Sunna is a Sunni militant group now based in central Iraq. It includes Kurdish and Arab members as well as foreign fighters.

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